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Enpac thin jack | 50 tons Enpac hydraulic cylinder agent


Enpex thin jack | 50 tons Enpac hydraulic cylinder an agent Enpac thin jack for the public common specifications, the series of products using a special surface composite coating, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, flexible activities, light weight, mobile use Convenience. Enpex thin jacks can withstand an eccentric load of 3% of rated load without crushing damage and are safer to use. Enpex thin jacks can be divided into thin, ultra-thin and ultra-thin types. The corresponding body and stroke can be selected according to the site use environment. The appearance of the 50-ton Enpac hydraulic cylinder has been painted and the corrosion resistance is stronger. The internal safety valve can effectively prevent unnecessary losses caused by accidental overload and ensure safe and efficient production in all walks of life. 50 tons of Enpac hydraulic cylinder North company an agent quality assurance and reliable quality, to provide wholesale, group purchase, retail services, price concessions, the original product quality is fully guaranteed, pre-sales, after-sales system is complete, provide technical guidance and detailed pricing, Welcome inquiries! 

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